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District heating Bruck an der Leitha

An old idea in a modern guise. Wood has been a source of heat for people since the beginning of time. It stores the warmth of summer giving it back on cold winter nights – and it’s CO2 neutral!

The biomass district heating plant in Bruck an der Leitha was built by committed people of Energiepark members in cooperation with EVN AG.
Commissioning took place in October 1999.

It supplies both private homes and central public buildings. A basic decision by the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha ensures that all public buildings and new settlement areas that are located or are located on the district heating grid will continue to be connected to the biomass district heating.

The biomass district heating plant currently supplies around 800 households with heat and thus covers 1/3 of the heating requirements of all Bruck an der Leitha households.

The heating plant became the property of EVN Wärme GmbH in July 2019. For more information about the district heating system please send inquiries to the EVN Service Centre Bruck/Leitha.