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Solar power

Our PV-Projects
Solar energy Bruck/L.
Čakany PV system

Our PV-Projects

Since 2000 we have looked closely into the benefits of harnessing the power of the sun and the use of solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) systems. From this construction on a large number of private PV systems began, which were initiated over the following years as part of our regional energy concept. As of 2009, 16 PV systems had been created through the initiative of Energiepark.

The entry into the climate and energy model (KEM) regions from 2011 brought a further boost due to the additional funding. During the KEM period there was a further 7 PV systems constructed with a total output of 132 kWp, which was supported by Energiepark.
During this time a regional solar league was organized (2012-2014), which particularly encouraged the regional communities to get involved in construction of PV systems.

In addition to the activities in the climate and energy model region, an almost 100 kWp PV system was also implemented at the Brucker building yard in 2014. In close cooperation with the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha, Energiepark handled the entire process via conceivable analysis, tendering, submission of subsidies via a green electricity tariff and construction supervision.

The close partnership with the home community of the Energiepark then launched two further PV projects in 2016/17, which in contrast to the construction yard system are operated directly by Energiepark.

By 2017, another 51 systems (1.300 kWp/32 kWh power storage) were initiated via the two regional projects (EnergieReiches RC, KEM Energie³).

We will continue to pay particular attention to the expansion of PV systems in the Römerland Carnuntum region – be it as a consultative initiator, be it as an investor or an operator.

Solar energy for Bruck an der Leitha

After an extensive PV potential analysis for various roofs of the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha in 2016, 2 locations were ultimately selected for implementation.

In 2017, two further PV systems were built in Bruck an der Leitha on:
– FF Wilfleinsdorf
– VS Fischamender Straße

They were built in close cooperation by Bruck an der Leitha energy park and the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha. The systems are operated by Energiepark.

Key data of the PV systems:

FF Wilfleinsdorf (distributed over 2 roofs)
VS Fischamender Str. (Roof of the sports hall)

Total power installed:
2x 36,4 => 72,8 kWp

Total yield:
approx. 77,000 kWh per year

Enough to power approx. 22 households.

Čakany PV system

In mid-2009, plans were drawn up for the construction of a free-field PV system in cooperation with our Slovak partners. The project was finished in November 2010 and the plant went into regular operation in December 2010. The plant is now the sole property of Energiepark.

Basic data:

Total investment:
approx. € 3 Mio.

2,2 ha free-field plant with polycrystalline solar cells

Total power installed:
830 kWp

Total yield:
approx. 900 MWh per year

Enough to power approx. 260 households